The Firm

The law firm Powers & Costeck was founded in 2005 when Ron Costeck and Jason Powers left the Skagit County Prosecutors Office to form a partnership. In a short period of time Powers & Costeck grew to one of the larger private criminal law firms in Skagit County Washington. At present we represent individuals accused of crimes in Island, Skagit, San Juan, Snohomish and Whatcom Counties.

Our aim is to deliver a level of legal service that is both honest and aggressive. Honest in the straightforward way we approach and discuss cases, legal issues and probable outcomes with our clients. Aggressive in the manner in which we investigate and prepare a case for trail. Preparing each case as if it was predestine to go to trail assists in negotiations with the prosecutor, legal motions, trial, and allows our clients to make informed decisions.

What are the Goals of Powers & Costeck?

  1. To listen, educate and advise our clients effectively
  2. To zealously prepare, negotiate and defend our client's cases
  3. To keep our clients informed throughout the entire process

What are some of things that Distinguishes Powers & Costeck?

  1. Having a background in both criminal defense and prosecution
  2. Having tried numerous criminal cases
  3. A strong client base keeps us active and informed about current legal issues

We find our clients appreciate attorneys that have both criminal defense and prosecutorial backgrounds. Having insight into how the State builds a case, assists in understanding its weaknesses and how to defend our clients. Having a prior prosecution background and been in trial against many attorneys aids in a greater understanding of effective and ineffective trail techniques. This experience and insight is now used to represent and defend our clients.

The Firm

I have a court day now what?

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The information posted on this site is not a substitute for consulting with our legal team who will take your specific facts and circumstances into consideration when discussing your case with you.

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