Traffic Infractions

Whether you are stopped and cited for Speeding, Open Container or another trafic violation, the Attorneys at Powers & Costeck are adept and experienced in fighting these insurance rate crippling tickets.  These infractions are not criminal offenses but can cause severe consequences depending on the allegation.

If a driver has too many infractions over a set period of time they may face a license suspension.  If a truck driver is cited for too many equipment violation he, or she, could incur the grievous penalty of having their commercial license, and their livelihood, affected.  A juvenile could have too many infractions in a short period of time and find their new found freedom being suspended until they turn 18.  Or, more simply, your driver's insurance could go up much more than the cost of a speeding ticket.  These, and many other penalties, can adversely affect not only a person's luxury of driving but also their ability keep their livelihood.

If you face a traffic infraction and want to protect your insurance rates, your driving record or your livelihood, contact one of the attorneys at Powers & Costeck.

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