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New Laws arriving soon

The politicians in Olympia changed a bunch of laws. Here are......

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Stopped for a DUI? Part II on What to Do.

The second part in an ongoing series of what happens when someone is stopped for a DUI in Skagit County or anywhere else......

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What do when stopped for DUI

In most DUI investigations, you can anticipate the requests made by a law enforcement officer after you have been stopped. The following is broken down by the standardized investigation steps taken by law enforcement......

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DOL Hearings

What happens if I do not request a Department of Licensing hearing when I was arrested......

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I was arrested for DUI in Skagit County. Now what do I do?

The very first thing you must do is to make sure you know when your court date will scheduled. If you were arrested by the Washington State Patrol or the Skagit County Sherriff's Office you will need to be in court the next day. If the next day is a weekend or holiday, then the following Monday. In most circumstances.........

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I have a court day now what?

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