If you are charged with the crime of Assault in Skagit County, Mt. Vernon Municipal Court, Burlington Municipal Court or Anacortes Municipal Court you need to contact a criminal defense lawyer.  An experience assault lawyer will be able to sit you down and discuss the perils you now face.  A simple charge of Assault can lead to the loss of a job, housing, a restraining order from your family and jail.  Something that can be seen as innocent, such as a shove or push, can lead to the filing of criminal charges.  If any type weapon is involved in an assault a person could be facing the consequences of a strike offense.  There are many reasons to meet with the experienced criminal defense lawyers at Powers & Costeck so your rights can be protected and case be defended from the beginning.

In many Assault cases, the person charged will be arrested.  Within a day or three, they will see a judge.  At that point, the consequences of the charge become obvious.  The person may be released but be ordered to stay away from family or work.  The court may impose a no-contact order even if the protected party does not wish for it.  This is when an assault lawyer will make the difference.  The right lawyer will begin to work on your case.  There may be important facts to be developed.  In many cases, there at be a claim of self defense or something else that could carry the day.   If you are facing an assault charge in Skagit County you need to hire the right criminal defense lawyer.

The charge of Assault in the Fourth Degree is a Gross Misdemeanor.  That means a person faces up to 364 days in jail and a fine of $5000.  It may also require anger management classes and the imposition of restraining orders.  The charge will also be in a court such as Skagit County District Court, Anacortes Municipal Court, Island County District Court or Bellingham Municipal Court.  It is serious but all other charges of Assault carry greater consequences. 

Assault in the Second Degree, and all other classes but Assault in the Fourth, are felonies.  These differences can bring the maximum punishment up to 20 years in prison.  These charges can also be a strike offense - meaning if you have three of them you will spend the rest of your life confined in prison.  If you are charged, or even accused, of any of these Assault charges in Skagit County contact the experienced criminal defense lawyers at Powers & Costeck.

Another complicating factor to a charge of Assault is if it carries an allegation of Domestic Violence.   The term Domestic Violence does not necessarily mean a person acted violently.  Rather, it means the person charged and the alleged victim have a relationship.  Usually, that relationship it is spousal, siblings, dating or related in some other way.  The label of Domestic Violence, however, carries greater risk than described above.  A crime that include Domestic Violence can prevent a person from hunting because the right to own firearms is taken away.  Some employers will also fire employees convicted of a crime of Domestic Violence.  Other landlords will refuse to rent to people with it on their records.  An Assault charge that designated as Domestic Violence requires the best criminal defense lawyer. 

If you are charged this is, or any other Assault, in Skagit County, Island County or Anacortes Municipal Court, Mt. Vernon Municipal Court or elsewhere in the region contact the lawyers at our office. Please call us at (360) 419 - 0809.




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